CadillacKid's Home Control System Information Screen
   12/22/2014 12:45:31 PM   Sunrise: 7:50 AM   Sunset: 5:12 PM  User:
Heating and Cooling Systems
Main Fan RPM:0
Main Fan Drive:0
ModBus Link:OnLine
Duct Pressure:0.004
Filter Remaining:-308.8
Filter Replaced:3/12/2014 8:42:59 PM
Heat Mode:HeatPump
Supply Air Set:124
Supply Air Temp:58
Return Air Temp:63
Indoor Humidity:24
Outdoor Humidity:45
Heat Enable:Off
High Gas Valve:Off
Zone Dampers
Richard Suite Supply:Open
Riachard Suite Return:Open
Greatroom Supply:Open
Greatroom Return:Open
Chris Suite Supply:Open
Chris Suite Return:Open
HeatPump Units
Unit 1(Richard Suite)
Mode Set:Offf
Operating State:Idle
Fan Call:Off
Temp Setpoint:72
Room Sensor:75
Suction Temp:59
Liquid Temp:59
Supply Temp:59
Unit 2(Greatroom)
Mode Set:Offf
Operating State:Idle
Fan Call:Off
Temp Setpoint:72
Room Sensor:73
Suction Temp:59
Liquid Temp:60
Supply Temp:59
Unit 3(Chris Suite)
Mode Set:Offf
Operating State:Idle
Fan Call:Off
Temp Setpoint:77
Room Sensor:64
Suction Temp:59
Liquid Temp:59
Supply Temp:59
House Lights
Riachard Bath Vanity: Off
Richard Bath Floods: Off
Richard Suite Fan Spots: Off
Richard Suite Cable Spots: Off
Chris Bedroom Rail Spots: Off
Foyer Front Door: Off
Foyer Accent Spots: Off
Stairway Pendant: ???
Greatroom Lamp South: ???
Greatroom Lamp North: ???
Greatroom Display Spots: Off
Greatroom Theatre Spots: Off
Greatroom Accent Spots: Off
Greatroom Fireplace Spots: Off
Kitchen Island Track Spots: Off
Kitchen Recessed Floods: ???
Kitchen Sink Pendant: ???
Outside Coach Lanterns: On
Climate Control
Master Suite
Zone Mode:Off
Heat setpoint:72
Cool Setpoint:80
Fan Set Mode:Fan Auto
Current Temp:62
Operating Mode:Idle
Zone Mode:Off
Heat setpoint:65
Cool Setpoint:86
Fan Set Mode:Fan Auto
Current Temp:58
Operating Mode:Idle
Richard Suite
Zone Mode:Off
Heat setpoint:77
Cool Setpoint:86
Fan Set Mode:Fan Auto
Current Temp:59
Operating Mode:Idle
Weather Alerts
Alert 1: ???
Alert 2: ???
Alert 3: ???
Alert 4: ???
Sunrise Time:7:50 AM
Sunset Time:5:12 PM
Hi/Lo Temps
Low Today:24 1:48:12 AM
High Today:4512:32:12 PM
Temperature Sensors
SensorDegrees F
Outdoor East:48
Outdoor West:44.6
Outdoor North:45.5
Outdoor South:44.6
Hot Water:128.3
Network Devices
Router and PBX: ???
ISP Gateway: ???
Internet DNS: ???
Serial Server: ???
IP Camera 1: ???
IP Camera 2: ???
Server Information
Homeseer version:
Homeseer uptime:34 Days 6 Hours 4 Minutes 21 Seconds
Homeseer threads:77
Homeseer memory used:371 Mbytes
Homeseer Scripts running:Buildpage.vb, Jon00PerfMon.vben
Time now:12:45:31 PM
Date now:12/22/2014
Total devices:395
Total events:65
Plugin count:12
Plugins installed:X10 CM11A/CM12U, ADIOcelot, HSTouch iPhone, mcsXap, HSTouch Server Unlimited, AC-RF2 Processor, jvCaddx Plug-In, RCS Serial Thermostats, HSTouch Android, UltraECM2, HSTouch Server, Insteon